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We help people create and grow food businesses. For us, it’s All about the food first. If we don’t love the food, it’s a dealbreaker.

In 2010, Barb Upchurch and Stephanie Ganz met at a Richmond-based non-profit dedicated to helping people start small businesses. There, Barb was the Director of the Women's Business Center, and Stephanie managed the Breadwinners program--a grant-funded initiative designed to help women create food-based businesses. The two were an instant match, sharing a love of food, travel, and enterprise development; and they've been working together ever since.

Barb Upchurch

Speaker, problem solver, marketing maven

  • Past Life: Created a business helping artists market and sell their art nationally
  • Loves gooey cheese and crisp white wines
  • Busy swim mom, basically lives at the pool year-round
  • Drives dangerously fast

Stephanie Ganz

Writer, cheerleader, brainstorm trooper

  • Past Life: Trained at Johnson & Wales and cooked in fine dining kitchens for years
  • Loves briny raw oysters and sparkling rosé
  • Typically chasing a four-year-old while yelling “You are not a muppet!”
  • Prefers not to drive



Working together starts with getting to know what makes you and your business tick. We’ll start by finding out some basic information so that we know where we're headed. Next, we’ll create a set of goals based on our initial meeting to make sure we’re all going in the same direction together. Then we delve deep into your hopes and dreams and your ability to achieve them, setting up actionable objectives that make sense for you. Once we have our strategy in place, we check in on a monthly basis to help keep you on track, providing support as needed to get you where you want to go.

The Apple Cart is a hell of a one-stop shop, considering that you typically have to seek out all those services separately, with only the Internet and a crust of bread to sustain you.
— Bird Cox

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