Birdie's Pimento Cheese

Robin Allen has an infectious laugh, and she uses it often. Her warmth is obvious and immediate. Over a pretzel-full of pimento cheese at the St. Stephen's farmers market, you begin to feel as if you've known Robin all your life, as if she were related to you somehow.

Her pimento cheese is the bait she uses to make friends with every person she meets, and I swear, it's working. When she came to us, Robin and her husband Glen sold their pimento cheese at the farmers market once a week and in a few stores near their South Hill home. Now Birdie's is sold in eleven retail outlets, including Little House Green Grocery and The Cheese Shop in Williamsburg, as well as breweries and cideries...because pimento cheese and beer (or cider) are quick bedfellows.

Here's how we help Robin and Glen:

  • 6-month strategy development (to help expand their retail market and explore copacking and other production options)

  • Copywriting

  • Photography referral

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