Yellow Umbrella

Yellow Umbrella is one of our favorite places to shop in Richmond! We love the exceptional selection of seafood - easily the best in the city - and the courteous service we get every time we're in the store. When second-generation Yellow Umbrella owner David Whitby called on us to help improve in-store communications, you can imagine how excited we were to come on board!

Here's how we help David reel in his best customers

  • 6-month strategy development (creation of a 6-month strategy with actionable goals and objectives to help implement changes in the store)

  • Oversight of bi-monthly emails letting customers know what's in the store and how to best enjoy it

  • PR and marketing to share Yellow Umbrella's story and news with a wider audience

  • One-on-one social media training for staff

  • Design referrals

Lance Barrera