Fire, Flour & FESTIVE

Thanksgiving a la Ellwood Thompson's, as shot by  Fred + Elliott Photography

Thanksgiving a la Ellwood Thompson's, as shot by Fred + Elliott Photography

Greetings from deep inside the Fire, Flour & Fork Vortex! A whole year's worth of work is about to start paying off in a few hours, so we've only got time for bullet points, but what fine bullet points they are!

  • Happy 4th Birthday to Little House Green Grocery! You are a lovely place to shop!
  • Happy 6th Birthday, Pizza Tonight, er, Nota Bene! I remember when you were just a baby!
  • Our newest client, Secret Sandwich Society will open its doors and its sandwiches to the hungry, hungry public today at 5:00! They'll be open Thursday, Friday, Saturday; closed Sunday, and then open 7 days a week starting the following Monday! (Though they'll be closed for Thanksgiving because duh.) Richmond Magazine has 5 things you need to know before all that happens.
  • Thanksgiving rapidly approaches, and if you're not the DIY type, start placing your orders now! Here's one way to handle the situation without having to break a sweat:
    • Grab some Birdie's Pimento Cheese, Ritz Crackers, and Pickled Silly's Hot Pickled Okra for pre-noshing.
    • Get your breads and salads from Ellwood Thompson's. Garlic Cluster Dinner Rolls! Chopped Kale Salad!
    • Load up on sides from Lulabelle's. Smoked Gouda Mac & Cheese! Spoonbread! 
    • Reserve a pre-seasoned Turkey from Yellow Umbrella. Order by 6:00 pm TODAY!!! (You should probably get some oysters when you pick up your bird...)
    • Order a pie or two from Stella's Grocery! (Technically, orders were due by 12:00 yesterday, but you might be able to sweet talk your way into a pumpkin pie. If not, their dessert case is usually filled with grab-and-go options that would make any crowd thankful.)
    • Not trying to make more than one stop on your grocery tour? I will assume you are a very busy person and point you toward Little House Green Grocery's "Everything but the turkey" meal kit, with herbed apricot stuffing, cranberry dressing, sweet potato bake, green bean casserole, and even a pumpkin pie!
  • This Saturday, it's a good ol' fashioned Meat Fight at Ardent Craft Ales, where ZZQ will have their last appearance of 2016! Which slab of happiness will reign supreme--beef shortribs or bone-in pork belly? Place your bets, and loosen your belts!
  • The Juice is officially on the loose next Wednesday at Ginger Juice, where customers can nab a free 8 oz. juice just for coming in and saying hey. You'll need those vitamins as you make your way through the beige foods that are Thanksgiving.
  • Happy to birthday to my mom! Today is her birthday, and she always reads these things even though she lives in Roanoke! Such a mom!
  • And finally, what are YOU doing for FFF? Chances are, we'll see you there. If you don't already have your weekend planned and tickets purchased, check out Smoke on the Water at Upper Shirley Vineyard on Friday and the Class Pass Speaker Track at the Valentine on Sunday. Tickets remain! And if you're a 'grammer, use hashtag #fireflourfork16 to add to the convo all weekend long!
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