A Podcast Inspired Gift Guide, Pt. II

This year, we teamed up with our friends and officemates at Campfire & Co. to steer our readers in the right direction for holiday gift-giving!

The Campfire crew has turned us on to a few of our favorite podcasts, including Girl Boss Radio and The Sporkful, so this year's gift guide is all about what your friends are listening to. Head over to the Campfire & Co blog for Part I, where you'll find the perfect gifties for all the kweens and baes in your life.

And if your pals are the type who regularly blow their budgets on burrata, check out these food-podcast-related suggestions!

For the friend who listens to The Sporkful

For the Unpretentious Eater:

For the friend who listens to Radio Cherry Bombe

For the Foodie Fatale:

  • “Hail Saison” T-Shirt - $19 (local)

    • If your best bud lives for a nitro cold brew and fried chicken biscuit from Saison Market, help her wear her heart on her sleeve, er chest, with a rad t-shirt from Saison, available in a variety of fits and sizes.

  • Sub Rosa Bakery’s Freshly-Milled Einkorn Flour - $5/lb with a $.40 bag deposit (local)

    • It’s no wonder that Einkorn is the grain of the year. Meaning “first corn” or “first grain,” Einkorn is an ancient whole wheat grain that mills very fine, resulting in a pleasant texture that works beautifully in everything from scones to fresh pasta. Call ahead to reserve your own charming linen Sub Rosa Bakery bag of the good stuff.

  • Scizza - $29.95

    • You never knew anyone needed pizza scissors, but yeah, we all do.

For the friend who listens to Gravy

For the Locavore:

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