New clients, boozy goat cheese, and the importance of national food holidays


  • We’ve got two new clients! We’ll be working with Fire, Flour & Fork to help spread the word about the third year of this awesome culinary event. I’ve been working with FFF creators Maureen Egan and Susan Winiecki since 2014 as the Sponsor Whisperer and Demo Chef Wrangler for the event, and it feels great to have them working with The Apple Cart for some of their PR and Marketing needs. We’ve also begun working with one of my all-time favorite Richmond businesses, Yellow Umbrella Provisions, the source for all of my fresh seafood (and I eat a ton of it) and my daughter’s favorite calamari salad. We're very excited to have these two businesses on board!

  • Today marks the official ribbon cutting ceremony at Cavalier Produce’s new distribution facility in Louisa. It’s amazing to think that they moved their entire operation of 15 years in just two days, but they did it, easily doubling their capacity to take on new producers as well as new restaurants and grocery stores throughout Virginia.

  • Nate’s Bagels are now accepting Bagel Club members for July, but I’d act fast if you want to be in this carb club.

  • Ginger Juice is adding outdoor seating at their shop at The Village Shopping Center because it just feels better to drink coldpress juice and nibble on Goatocado quinoa bowls with the sun shining on your shoulders.


Richmond food writer Erica Jackson Curran talks about Sullivan’s Pond Farm’s Bonnyclabber cheese for Culture, a magazine devoted to Barb’s favorite food--CHEESE! The Sullivans wrap their goat cheese in natural materials, like beeswax and cornhusks and even cornhusks...soaked in moonshine. Read all about it, and then find yours at the Birdhouse Farmers Market, South of the James, and you know, stores.


Slow Food RVA kicks off their Reel Food film series on July 7th at the Firehouse Theatre with a screening of Revolution: Food, a film that looks at the lives of the farmers who are working to change the way we eat for the better.


I’ll just go ahead and say what we’re all thinking: National food holidays are ruses invented by Instagram overlords and skinny people who want the rest of us to get fat and die of diabetes complications. That’s why there are two National Doughnut Days every six months and several National Grilled Cheese Days each quarter. At this point, there are more National Food Days than there are actual days.

But! Some of them aren’t so bad. I mean, what’s not to love about National Fried Chicken Day? That seems like a perfectly cromulent holiday, and I take back all the things I just said because I will see you on Wednesday, July 6th at Isley Brewing Co as I eat all the fried chicken, vegan fried chicken (yes both), and sides they can throw at me. You know, because it’s a holiday and all.


It’s a very Virginia dinner at Gearhart’s Fine Chocolates in Charlottesville on Thursday, July 7th with Chocolatier Tim Gearhart, joined by sommelier and fun person Jason Tesauro, chef Curtis Shaver of Hamilton’s at First and Main, Spencer Crawford of Barboursville Vineyards, cheesemaker Gail Hobbs-Page of Caromont Farm, and Hunter Smith of Champion Brewery. You buy a ticket to this (starting at $95 per person), and you’re in for a night of Virginia cheese, wine, beer, chocolate (duh), and guaranteed great conversation.

SIP OF THE WEEK Comfort’s Night Fever

If you can avoid humming Night Fever when you order this cocktail, you’re a stronger person than I. Whether you take a mental strut through discotown or you sit, unmoved by the music within you while you await your beverage, you’re in for a sweet-sour summer treat combines Belle Isle Craft Spirits Ruby Red Grapefruit Moonshine, a pineapple and orange shrub, and club soda to thirst-quenching effect. Images of Travolta in a white leisure suit optional but recommended.

(And, speaking of sips, this made me chortle.)  

BITE OF THE WEEK Rapp Session All-You-Can-Eat Crab, corn on the cob, and a Miller High Life

Love crabs but have zero friends!? No prob. You can have, essentially, a crab boil for one at Rapp Session for $35; and when you think about it, friends are just grabby-handed people with whom you might have to share your crabs, and who needs them when you’re busy cracking exoskeletons and guzzling the champagne of beers? NOT THIS LONELY CRAB-LOVER.


In the words of the Mother Goose Club Ice Cream Song that my daughter so often tortures me with:

When the day is hot and steamy,

Ice cream is so cold and creamy.

Put it in a cone. Put it in a cup.

I’m just gonna eat it up!

Yeah! Ice cream!