Better Know A Biscuit

One of our most beloved news outlets, RVANews, is closing up shop at the end of this week. Barb and I love the folks at RVANews, and we'll sorely miss their humor and insight on local issues from city council to, of course, food. I was very happily RVANews' food writer for the last two years, spending most of my Wednesdays fussing over Food News and sharing my take on #RVAdine with readers. It's hard to walk away from that, but walk we must!

But while RVANews is done, I had at least one project (actually about a half dozen projects) unfinished--My Better Know a Biscuit series, an offhand joke that turned into a real thing, was pretty popular with the readers; and there's one installment left to write--Biscuit Brunches.

So, catch up on Better Know a Biscuit, vol. 1 and Better Know a Biscuit, vol. 2 (Biscuit Barons); and then let's meet back here on Monday, June 27th for the conclusion to this gluten-filled cliffhanger, shall we?