Nate's Bagels in Style Weekly!

We're just delighted to see some great coverage for our client, Nate Mathews, owner of Nate's Bagels! When Nate came to us (by a referral from our friend Ross Catrow), it was a match made in heaven--Our love of carbs and Nate's chewy, salty bagels. We've been hooked ever since. 

Now we're working with Nate to help him secure a permanent kitchen space (either retail or production-only) and plan for his growth in this bagel-starved market. We see great things in Nate's future.

Check out Nate at the Birdhouse Farmers Market on Tuesdays, and/or join Bagel Club while you still can! 

And head on over to Style Weekly to read Brandon Fox's story on Nate and his bagels!