Shiny and New (giveaways within!)

photo by Fred & Elliott Photography

photo by Fred & Elliott Photography

Notice anything different about us? No, Barb and I didn't get matching haircuts. It's not our fresh manicures (but thanks for noticing). It's a BRAND NEW WEBSITE!!!

We've been working with our friends at Campfire & Co to strengthen our brand voice, and there's no better way to amplify that voice than with a sleek, easy-to-navigate website that shows everyone exactly who we are.

We were super impressed by the process that the team at Campfire & Co uses to get to the meat of each business. Our discovery process was fun (and funny). We learned more about ourselves than we expected - For example, the irreverent comic icon Joan Rivers emerged as one of our style icons...because of course she did.

Once we had an idea what we were looking for, Campfire & Co. brought on Elizabeth Sobka of South of Belmar. She used what I can only assume is a combination of alchemy and sheer Squarespace prowess to deliver a functional, intuitive website that helps us get our message to our audience in style.

But what's a website without pictures? Too wordy. We needed to update our images to reflect our personality, so we brought on Fred & Elliott Photography to capture us in our natural habitat--sipping espresso and TCB-ing at Stella's and Stella's Grocery. They even managed to capture our good sides, thanks guys!

To celebrate the launch of our new web home, we're GIVING STUFF AWAY from our awesome clients! We love stuff, and we know you probably do too, RIGHT!?

To enter our week-long giveaway celebration, just leave a comment below. EASY!

You could win ONE of the following:

So, commence to commenting! We'll announce the winner in the afternoon this Friday, August 19th via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Carrier Pigeon!