New digs, deliverables, Panamanian coffee, and the power of "Power Lunch"

photo by Fred + Elliott Photography

photo by Fred + Elliott Photography


Our biggest news of the week should be pretty easy to see--We have ourselves a snazzy new website with bells AND whistles thanks to Campfire & Co and South of Belmar

This new web home allows us to better tell the stories of our clients and ourselves, and that’s, like, the whole point of a website. It’s also a little easier on the eyes and hopefully more fun to navigate. So, navigate away, and while you’re at it, click on over to the blog post right before this one to enter in our giveaway contest, with delicious prizes from Whisk, Nate’s Bagels, Birdie’s Pimento Cheese, Fire, Flour & Fork, and Yellow Umbrella Provisions! (But then come back and read the rest of this post...)


Stay in your soft clothes a little longer, folks. Little House Green Grocery (via The Quickness) and Whisk (via Order Up) now offer DELIVERY. In fact, let's never leave our homes again as we sink slowly into a world like the one depicted in The Net. Only Dennis Miller can save us! 


Tickets to my favorite of all Richmond foodie events are on sale now, and they’re going faster than Springsteen at the PNC Arena. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t still get into some pretty choice events--There are still tickets to be had for the lunch kick-off at Shagbark featuring A Chef Life’s Vivian Howard, plus tickets remain for the Cornucopia dine-around celebration at The James Marshall.

Though dinners at L’Opossum and The Roosevelt are fully booked, you can still find a seat at the table for the “Game On” dinner at Vagabond, featuring Phillip Bryant of The Local Craft Food & Drink and at “Koreatown on Cary,” a Korean feast at Dinamo with cookbook authors Matt Robard and Deuki Hong (awesome book included). And there are plenty of other dinners, dine-arounds, and tours with space available just for you, so peruse the schedule and make your selections...while you still can!


Get your mitts on some of the coolest coffee this side of the Panama Canal this Thursday at Roaring Pines, where Blanchard’s Coffee Co will re-debut their Panama Geisha Los Lajones to an audience of hardcore coffee lovers. What’s that? YOU are a hardcore coffee lover? Then you don’t want to miss this very special batch, with its notes of blood orange, hibiscus, lime sherbet, and jasmine.

According to Blanchard’s,

"The intense fruit and floral notes of this coffee present throughout the cupping process, from the beans, to dry grounds, to wet, and finally on the palate. The coffee is delicate and reminiscent of a high quality Earl Grey tea and heady flavors of blood orange, lime sherbet, hibiscus and jasmine. As the coffee cools, these flavors open up and take on a honey sweetness that is almost intoxicating, so it is good to sip this coffee slowly and enjoy the full spectrum of the cup.”

You know there will be trendy coffee gadgets aplenty at this brewers bro-down. Best not to miss it.


What happens when you take two totally righteous things and put them together? When it’s beer and farmers markets, you get shopping the way it was always meant to be. That’s what we’re in store for this Sunday at Isley Brewing Co when they'll once again host the Scott’s Addition Farmers Market from 1:00 to 5:00 pm--perfect for those market shoppers who work on Saturday or like to sleep late or just prefer to have a cold pint glass of Plain Jane Blueberry wheat beer in their fingers while they do the weekly shopping.

Vendors include our client friends, Birdie’s Pimento Cheese and Hummingbird Gardens, as well as Ironclad Coffee Roasters, C&C’s Cinnamon Rolls, Craft Brew Bread and Tom Leonard’s, plus prepared food by the one and only Mean Bird.


If you haven’t had a chance to dine with Ellwood Thompson’s for their Sunday Supper series, you are running out of time. Make the last one count and sign on up for Supper with Amy’s Organic Garden where you’ll be supporting the Birdhouse Farmers Market and, likely, enjoying an unparalleled late summer feast.


My newest CBS6-Pack, wherein I choose 6 RVA destinations worthy of "Power Lunch"-ing is online now. I could've easily thrown in another six spots, including Can Can, Stella's, and Bistro Bobette; but I stuck with six (because that's the task at hand), including The Daily, Osaka, and Rappahannock Restaurant. So tell me, where do you go when you need to get some serious work done over lunch?


Speaking of Rappahannock Restaurant, check out our buddies, those intrepid oyster cousins, The Croxtons in this Daily Beast article about the return of oysters to their rightful home, The Chesapeake Bay.


The folks at Saison are calling it "Latenight Brunch," but I assume that's because the term "Fourth Meal" has been trademarked by Taco Bell. Whatever you call it, on Wednesday, August 31st from 11 until 1:15, you can stuff your face with it thanks to Fourth Meal innovators Mike Braune and Justin Ayotte, and you're going to want to do just that after you peep this menu:

- Lamb & avocado Benedict, feta, za'atar hollandaise, spiced up taters, poached eggs (vo). $14
- Fried chicken thigh, sausage & crawfish etouffee, rice, fried eggs, foie gras biscuit $11
- Steak frites w fried oysters, chimichurri, eggs, oyster aioli $15
- Foie gras & chocolate chip deep dish pancake, vanilla butter, smoked maple syrup (vo) $11
- Rock shrimp n fried grits, red eye butter, fried eggs, pickled onions $13
- Fried oyster roll on buttered top sliced bun, XO, gribiche, pickled fennel, fries $13
- Pork pastrami hash w cippolinis, cabbage, charred tomato sauce, arugula, fried eggs (vo) $12

So many fried oyster brunchables, only two hours to consume!


Carve out a weekend in September to dine outdoors, not once but two amazing times!

On Saturday, September 24th, tour Victory Farm, Shalom Farm, Lickinghole Creek Craft Brewery, and Tricycle Gardens before landing back at Victory Farm where you'll enjoy a cookout prepared by Lee Gregory, Joe Sparatta, Michael Ledesma, and Todd Johnson. It's all part of Ellwood Thompson's Farm Tour and Cookout!

Then, if you have any room in your guts at all, apply another day's worth of bug spray and head to Scotchtown, historical home of Patrick Henry, for BEAST FEAST. I just love this event. It's a fun time every year, and the food is always smoky, delicious, and ample. This year's line up includes victuals from the likes of "Owen Lane of Vagabond, Randy Doetzer of Nota Bene; Michael Sullivan from Creekstone Farms (formerly of Blackberry Farms); Derek Luhowiak from The Whole Ox in Marshall, Virginia; Ryan Zale formerly of Zynodoa in Staunton, Virginia; Dave Quisenberry, Ellen, Executive Chef of Richmond International Raceway."

That's a whole lotta talent, and I haven't even gotten to the bartenders yet. 

Jay Bayer of Saison, Beth Dixon of Pasture, Bobby Kruger and John Maher of The Rogue Gentlemen, and T. Leggett and Brandon Peck of The Roosevelt will be slinging the kind of very special cocktails I can promise you won't want to miss.

SIP: Let's Share a Dish's Grapefruit Mint Cocktail, featuring Mother Shrub

Love your mother; drink your vinegar. The gals at Let's Share a Dish have whipped up a batch of something cool and refreshing, and you can too.

BITE: Peter Chang's 鱼香茄子鸡包, Chicken and Eggplant Garlic Sauce Bao

Peter Chang's ninth restaurant, Noodles and Dumplings, is now open a few doors down from his China Cafe in Short Pump. Come for the noodles and dumplings, stay for the bao--fluffy dough pillows with well-seasoned meat and vegetables tucked within. My favorite bao combines chicken, eggplant, wood ear mushrooms, bamboo, scallion, and ginger, and it's only $4, so you should probably get two. Check out the full menu HERE, and then head west.


You're going to need a drool guard for your phone.