Makers, Bakers, and Rooftop Drinkers

Milton's Local Bacon Sausage and Woodson's Mill Grits

Milton's Local Bacon Sausage and Woodson's Mill Grits


Oh hey, did you enter our giveaway last week? Check the list below to see if you won something awesome. If you're not on the list, don't worry, you've still won our admiration forever.

1. Sally Schwitters - You win a half dozen breakfast pastries from Whisk (and we couldn't be more delighted because we just love you)!

2. Tricia Mehle - You win a two-week subscription to Nate's Bagels Bagel Club, you lucky somebody!

3. Shannon Ferrara - You done won yourself a sampler of Birdie's Pimento Cheese! Now please invite me over so we can eat it together!

4. Lisa Rogerson - Looks like you're going to Fire, Flour & Fork! Woohoo!

5. Andy Scudder - Get ready to welcome a bunch of delicious seafood into your life. You win a $50 gift certificate to Yellow Umbrella Provisions!

If you're on the list and haven't gotten hooked up with your prize yet, contact us!


This Sunday, make your way Southside for the “Over the River Makers Mart” at the Bon Air Shopping Center. From 9:00 am to 1:00 pm, a well-curated group of vendors will be selling adorable, edible, otherwise enjoyable things. Stock up now; like it or not, the holidays loom before us. That is, if we're to believe the pumpkins on display at Kroger and the Christmas lights for sale at Costco. ::shudder:: #foreversummer

These vendors are some of our favorite makers (and clients), including The Wild Wander, Nate's Bagels, Ginger Juice, Curio Terrariums, Hummingbird Gardens, Däl-Kohm, Craft Brew Bread, and Bon Air Naturals. Seriously, it's going to be a shoppers' paradise. And Confluence Coffee will be sampling their nitro cold brew from within Perk! for when you need to cool down and refuel.

Pro-Tip: Parents and caregivers, there will be a storyteller at Perk! from 11:00 to 1:00! For the kids!


A couple of restaurants surprised us by closing or announcing plans to close over the past week. Top Cheftestant Bryan Voltaggio's Family Meal shut down with a note on the door saying SEE YA NEVER or something like that. They made it about a year and a half at their Willow Lawn location. This is the first of Voltaggio's seven restaurants to shut its doors.

After an impressive almost 25 years of beer-scented memories, Commercial Taphouse announced plans to close in its current location with a new owner rumored to be taking over for An Mekong (who took the space over from original owner James Talley two years ago) at a later date. Commercial Taphouse closes on August 31st, so you've got about a week to drink and remember and then drink to forget.


If you're looking for foodservice work, dust off your resume and pursue a position with one of our clients. Nate's Bagels is hiring bagel bakers who don't mind working wee early morning hours, Whisk is looking for experienced bakers, and Cavalier Produce is hiring drivers (must have a minimum of three years experience and a super pleasant disposition).


Now that the insufferable heat is behind us (OR IS IT!?), remember your fondness for rooftop quaffs at Quirk Hotel's skyward bar, the exclusive destination for enjoying Hardywood's Quirk Beer, "A cream ale with mild hop bitterness and faint fruity esters, originally brewed to honor Richmond's history as the first city to sell canned beer in 1935. Taking cue from Quirk Hotel’s exquisite attention to detail they’ve added sea salt for an enriched depth, and fresh lime juice for a bright acidic pop."

Or, if you're more of an indoor kid, cozy up to the bar/lounge for Maple & Pine's "Love and Happy Hour," with $5 drinks and $5 snacks (Buffalo-style pork rinds! Kimchi wings!), is available Sunday through Thursday from 3:00 to 6:00 pm. Get those rooftop vibes, people!


Tomorrow morning from 8:00 to 11:00 am, treat yourself while doing a stand-up thing for an RPS teacher. Ironclad Coffee Roasters is hosting a "LoveRVA Morning," with proceeds (ALL OF THE PROCEEDS) from sales of coffee, C&C Cinnamon Rolls, and Idle Hands pastries going to Ms. Rohoma Sims, third grade teacher at Overby-Sheppard Elementary School in Northside.

Ms. Sims says, "Donations would be a blessing for my students. Most of my students struggle with purchasing the school supplies needed to have a successful year. I typically buy supplies myself which can become quite expensive." If that doesn't break your heart and/or make you want to eat your feelings (in the form of cinnamon rolls and danishes), I question your sympathy levels.


Buskey Cider's getting brunchy on Sunday, September 4th with treats from WPA Southside and Buskey Mary's with Texas Beach Bloody Mary Mix! And if you just love this kind of thing, make it a two-fer! Ardent Craft Ales resumes their Beer Brunching the very same day, with biscuits and breakfast burritos by Stock Provisions and Texas Beach Micheladas. September 4th could end up being a really great day for you if you do it right.


File under: It’s a thing. (with a shoutout to Longoven!)


If you love sustainably sourced swine, let me suggest your next bacon and/or sausage purchase be from Milton's Local. I wrote a piece for Richmond Magazine about how Milton's Local owner James Faison is changing the way restaurants and farmers buy and sell pork...for the better. Head to Richmond Magazine for the details, and then head to one of these places for your pork-related needs.


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