Daily Jars

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We originally began working with Daily Jars when founder Liz Fishman had just started the business, back in 2015. Eventually, we completed our project with Liz and wished her the best as she set off on new endeavors. Since then, Steve and Jessica Godfrey purchased the business from Liz, and in assessing their goals for the growth of the company, they made the decision to work with The Apple Cart once again! Daily Jars is an exciting concept that provides convenient, flavorful meals that are low in common allergens (like dairy, wheat, and soy) to busy individuals and families throughout Richmond. We're excited to be working with Daily Jars on this next chapter of their business.

Here's how we assist Steve, Jessica and the Daily Jars Team...

  • Identifying a target market and ways to connect with the community

  • Creation of a 4-month marketing plan

  • Advising on use of Mail Chimp and social media

  • Establishing Daily Jars as a wellness resource

  • Creation of a Daily Jars 2018 Wellness Plan

  • Creation of a press list, targeted pitches and press releases

  • Referrals to photographers and graphic designers to improve the overall look of the brand materials