TV-Inspired Gift Guide: Westworld and Mr. Robot

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If your gift recipient loves dystopian virtual reality and dodging real-reality, these Westworld- and Mr. Robot-inspired gifts should bring whatever kind of smirk passes for a smile to their lips.

  • Dress them up in what they love: This man-in-the-maze bolo tie from Etsy is about as on-the-nose as it gets for Westworld lovers. 
  • Get context: Before there was Westworld, there was Westworld. It's like we've been here before, again and again.
  • New friends: Get them the gift of a sculpture class at the Visual Arts Center, so they can make new friends in their own image. 
  • Tune us out: If they're anything like Elliott, they're not really listening anyway, so why not make sure they're at least warm with this beanie with built-in bluetooth speakers
  • Get hack-proof: You never know who might be trying to get in. Keep your secrets safe with a Hacker-Proof Network Security Kit.
  • You betta' hack somebody: Or maybe it's you who's doing the hacking? If so, the WiFi Pineapple Nano is an essential tool. According to hakshop, it's even "great for the hacker on the go," which, I assume, is all of them.
  • To the arcade: It's where they do their best planning, after all. Make it an evening at The Circuit if you're planning cyber-world domination.

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