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Sub Rosa baker Evrim Dogu is a James Beard Award semi-finalist! 

Sub Rosa baker Evrim Dogu is a James Beard Award semi-finalist! 


The highest of high fives are in order for Metzger Bar & Butchery (and soon, Brenner Pass) chef/owner Brittanny Anderson and Sub Rosa Bakery baker/owner Evrim Dogu. Both are semifinalists for the prestigious James Beard Award. You've heard plenty about the James Beard House and the Foundation's coveted awards, but how did the awards actually come about? This 2015 Eater article by former JBFA director Melanie Young shares the story with fascinating behind-the-scenes details.


Chef Mike Tam grew up on Richmond's Southside. The son of Chinese immigrants, Tam says his parents wanted him to stay connected to his roots; so they educated him at Chinese School, worshipped at a Chinese Church, and sent Tam on trips to Hong Kong and Indonesia in the summers. "At that age, not wanting to be different, I pushed back a bit," says Tam. "But the food always kept me coming back for more. I loved it."

Tam is back in Richmond after living in DC, where he says he was inspired by the prevalence and exceptional quality of the global cuisine there. "Seeing the success of young, talented creative chefs in DC, it was liberating for me," Tam explains. "It validated a lot of the funkier flavors and ingredients I was embarrassed of as a kid. Traditional and new interpretations, side by side. Some call it fusion, I think that's just the way it is. Some things will never change."

Next Tuesday, Tam will host his second Maiko pop-up at Citizen, where he'll offer six courses for $40 (a steal, if you ask me). Just take a look at this menu:

  • Mapo Nachos

    • Sichuan Chili, Fermented Black Bean, Silken Tofu, Fresh Herbs, Lemon
  • Bumbu Salad

    • Brassicas, Pomelo, Peanut, Granola, Sambal, Lime
  • Tamago Kake Gohan

    • Farm Egg, Ikura, VA Country Ham, Pickled Mustard Greens, Mee Chun Dark Soy, Togarashi
  • Gulai Greens

    • Kale, Yuba, Coconut, Fish Sauce, Curry
  • BBQ

    • Pork Belly, Chow Chow, Honey, Cilantro
  • Caphe Sua Da

    • Coffee, Caramel, Hazelnut, Sea Salt

"Maiko is largely based on my experiences through travel and food. Moving back to Richmond I knew I wanted to be a part of the growing food community," says Tam. "Some of these dishes are purely from memory. Others are the result of hours of Google and YouTube. Stand-ins for places I want to go and food I want to taste."


If food is your love language, show the love to FeedMore on Saturday, February 25th at Zest Fest. FeedMore's annual gala is a fundraiser for the organization, which provides meals for over 200,000 individuals in 34 counties and cities across Virginia. Tickets are $150 per person, and there are also raffles and both live and silent auctions during the dinner. This year's participating chefs include: 

  •  SaraAyyash – The Jefferson Hotel
  • Tammy Brawley – The Green Kitchen
  • FeedMore’s Community Kitchen
  • J. Frank – The Lewis Family
  • Velma Johnson – Mama J’s
  • Willie Miller – Hilton Richmond Downtown
  • Tony Sappal – India K’ Raja
  • Brian Shaffer – ARAMARK
  • Corey Sheldon – The Boathouse and Casa Del Barco
  • Christine Wansleben – Mise En Place


This Saturday at 11:00 am, the first Anchor Bar to open outside of New York will embark from Stony Point Fashion Park. Anchor Bar holds the claim of having invented the buffalo wing, and all my upstate friends confirm this is THE PLACE for the very best buffalo wings.

In a press release, Matthew Foody (real name, did not make up), chief operating officer of Richmond's Anchor Bar says, “Anchor Bar is all about great times and great food – and that’s exactly what our guests can expect from us. After spending several years in the Richmond dining industry, I can tell that Anchor Bar will be a great addition to an already thriving dining scene.”


Snag tickets to what is, very likely, Richmond's first ever Kamayan Feast. Chef Ian Merryman will focus on Filipino foods for this special utensils-free, family-style pop-up at Citizen on Sunday, March 5th. Tickets are $50/person. We interviewed Merryman for the Cavalier Produce blog. Hop on over to hear what he had to say about his role as head chef at Millie's and his plans for a very busy spring.


I hope you've got your flapper dresses back from the cleaners because IT'S ELBY'S WEEK! This Sunday, Richmond's dining darlings will convene at Altria Theater for an evening of accolades. 

To celebrate three of the nominees in the "Local Food and/or Beverage of the Year" category, I'm suggesting pre-gaming with a "Bloody Elby," Belle Isle Moonshine mixed with Texas Beach Bloody Mary Mix, rimmed with the crunchy, zippy spice blend Crunch Dynasty


There's nothing particularly new about crispy brussels sprouts, but Perly's (nominated for "Best Everyday Casual") version gets it absolutely right. After a quick submersion in the frier, the sprouts are plated up on a sloosh of labneh and drizzled with a tangy pomegranate glaze. If you ever thought you didn't like brussels sprouts (I don't get you), think again.


If it were up to me, The Elby's would recognize "Achievement in Restaurant Instagrams," but since they don't, allow me: Pasture's Instagram does what all restaurants should aspire to: It's engaging, enticing, and consistent, just like Pasture itself.


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