Guest Bloggers and Baked Potatoes


Who doesn't love a good baked potato!? If you're raising your hand right now, put it down; it was a rhetorical question. We most certainly DO love baked potatoes, and we recently discovered Hummingbird Gardens Garlic Chive Salt, which pairs beautifully with said tubers.

We've been working with HBG owner (and long-time friend and former gardening instructor of Stephanie's then preschooler), Amanda Montgomery since the beginning of the year--Amanda took us up on our offer for a three-meeting package that culminates in the creation of a marketing plan for her line of herb salts, and we have loved getting to know more about her, her business, and her products. Now, she's all set to tackle the VDACS Food & Beverage Expo next week, and we're just about finished with that 2018 Marketing Plan!

One of the things we've been talking about with Amanda is the need to ramp up her online presence, since her goal is to sell salts direct-to-consumer through her website. One of the strategies we created to accomplish that goal was enlisting the help of local tastemakers to create guest blog posts that feature HBG salts. The first installment was a super fun cocktail, and this week, we contributed our own recipe for, you guest it, a salt-crusted baked potato!

Here are some guidelines we gave Amanda for creating useful guest blog posts:

  • Create a schedule of content for 6 months at a time
  • Contact potential guest bloggers with an informative email detailing what is needed, and what the author gets in return. (In this case it was free salt, blog exposure, and high fives)
  • Send a calendar reminder to confirmed bloggers letting them know the project due date. Include information in the event description to help them remember what it is they agreed to do.
  • Post multiple times on different social media platforms to drive traffic to the content, and be sure the content itself links back to the product you're trying to sell!

Head over to the Hummingbird Gardens website for more...

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