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Shiny and New (giveaways within!)

Notice anything different about us? No, Barb and I didn't get matching haircuts. It's not our fresh manicures (but thanks for noticing). It's a BRAND NEW WEBSITE!!!

We've been working with our friends at Campfire & Co to strengthen our brand voice, and there's no better way to amplify that voice than with a sleek, easy-to-navigate website that shows everyone exactly who we are.

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Better Know a Biscuit, vol. 3 Brunch Biscuits

Well, guys, I gained noticeable weight and may never eat another biscuit as long as I live (ok, doubtful), but the Better Know a Biscuit project is officially OVER! I ate about 20 biscuits over a few weeks and am seriously entertaining a "Better Know a Damn Kale Salad" quest to help realign my bod and rid it of some of this gluten.


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The Birdhouse Market feast at Sub Rosa is going to be awesome, and here's why...

With summer in full swing, farmers market tables, like the ones at the Birdhouse Farmers Market every Tuesday afternoon, are brimming with juicy tomatoes, bright berries, crisp cucumbers, and leafy greens. Summer squash and eggplant are popping up more and more, and now is the perfect time for a proper summer feast with these glorious Earth-born goodies taking center stage.


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The Food of TEDxRVA, A Visual Recap

Since the beginning of the year, we have been helping the very hardworking staff and volunteers that put TEDxRVA together each year. When they first approached us about coordinating food for the event, we knew we wanted to showcase the local businesses we are already working with to create a day of great food and drink!

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