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Shell's bells, sweet nothings, and yurts so good


One of the absolute best (head-scratchingly sparsely-attended) events of 2015 was the Shellraiser Shindig, benefitting the Virginia Oyster Shell Recycling Program, at Seven Springs Farm. The setting was gorgeous, the chefs were serving dishes they prepared on-site, and the oysters were EVERYWHERE. One of my major regerts (sic.) of 2015 was not putting away more of them that day. 

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The duck video, September highlights, and an ivy wall


It's funny the things our kids bring into our lives--ideas and influences we wouldn't have expected that teach us something important about ourselves in some small way. After a couple of hours of being babysat, my daughter Lily came back with a new obsession. The duck video. "Can you find the video on your phone?" She kept asking. And asking. And asking. 

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Berries, bagels, and a slew of new restaurants

Maybe you’ve been mid-Raspberry Lime popsicle and wondered to yourself, “How does the King of Pops make such a tasty treat?” Well, it’s time to go straight to the source--Agriberry Farm. Join the King and his fellow subjects on aberry-picking excursion to Agriberryland on Saturday, August 6th from 10:00 to 1:00. You’ll learn all about the berries and the farm and have an opportunity to taste through Agriberry’s line-up of jams (Royalty Raspberry is my personal fave), and the best part is KOP is providing transportation from and to the Pop Factory, so all you need to bring is sunscreen and a hunger for berries.


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More brunch, pimento cheese, and a trip to the Jersey Shore

At least for now, we have to say goodbye to Comfort's easy, affordable lunch as the restaurant turns its focus on its dinner menu and beverage program. To ease us into a lunchless existence, Chef Jason Alley himself will prepare special themed lunches once a week, every Wednesday starting on July 27th. So if you, like me, dream of Jason Alley making buckets of pimento cheese and pickles and fried things and griddled things just for you, your time has come. 

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TOMATOES and other news

After a fire destroyed their Surry County smokehouse back in January, the fate of Edwards Virginia Smokehouse was uncertain. Would the business be able to come back from such a devastating blow, and when, oh when, would we be tasting the salty Virginia-made masterpiece that is Surryano ham? Well, it looks like we’re close: According to the Times-Dispatch, Edwards’ website will begin selling hams online this September, just in time for Ham Season.*

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New clients, boozy goat cheese, and the importance of national food holidays

Richmond food writer Erica Jackson Curran talks about Sullivan’s Pond Farm’s Bonnyclabber cheese for Culture, a magazine devoted to Barb’s favorite food--CHEESE! The Sullivans wrap their goat cheese in natural materials, like beeswax and cornhusks and even cornhusks...soaked in moonshine. Read all about it, and then find yours at the Birdhouse Farmers Market, South of the James, and you know, stores.

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Don't Call It Food News

The departure of RVANews has left me with a bit more time on my hands, so I'll be bringing some of my weekly food news content to this very blog. Changes include: I won’t ever talk about restaurants, events, or food that Barb and I don’t personally like or care about. I mean, after all, this isn’t the news, this is a blog. Also, I'll be able to abuse italics more because Susan Howson won't be here to stop me! I may also address some (and I know this is out of character for me) non-food-related issues if they're interesting to us. 

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