Rappahannock Restaurant's return, a new old milkman, and coffee for RPS


Rappahannock Restaurant has been picking up the pieces after a March 5th fire temporarily shut down the Grace Street restaurant. Fortunately, the crew at Rappahannock is reopening TONIGHT at 5:00 pm with $1 oysters and lots of good cheer. For more on the reopening and an expanded breakfast and lunch selection at sister (as in, next door sister) restaurant Rapp Session, head on over to Richmond Magazine.


According to Church Hill People's News, most-recently-Brooklyn-based chef Jessica Wilson plans to open GRACE, a garden-to-table restaurant, with an adjoining green space, which will provide for the restaurant as well as a "morning community market," at the corner of Chimborazo and Marshall. 


I registered my daughter for Kindergarten today, and it left me with a ton of unexpected emotions! My plan: drown those emotions in coffee and sticky buns while supporting our new overlords, Richmond Public Schools, at Ironclad Coffee Roaster's LoveRVA Morning event next Thursday, April 27th from 7:30 to 10:30 am. Proceeds from purchases of Ironclad's hot or iced coffee and C&C's Cinnamon Rolls will support the community-based group Building a Better RPS, which, in turn, supports RPS through events and fundraising activities (like this one!). 


If you've been yearning for bygone days when someone would deliver milk right to your door, we've come full circle, and soon your nostalgic dreams will come true. According to Richmond Bizsense, Illinois-based Oberweis Dairy is poised to enter the Richmond market, leasing a 12,000 square foot warehouse in Midlothian, from which the company will dispatch deliveries of dairy, including cheese, ice cream, yogurt, and yes, glass bottles of "gently pasteurized" milk to Richmond-area residences.


Do you love deviled eggs? Like, really, really love them? Then prove it to all of us by trying each of the deviled egg varieties on my round-up of RVAdine's dozen best hard-boiled heroes for Richmond Magazine.

#RVA #PSA: Ice cream macaron sandwiches have returned to Whisk. This week, there's a roasted strawberry variation made with Agriberry's strawberries. SEE YOU THERE, BYE.


I mean, sure, right? Not one to let a trend go unplundered, Starbucks released their Unicorn Frappucino at participating stores this week. The 'drink' is a pink crème frappe with mango syrup and swirls of sour blue powder and self loathing. Get yours while you can, I guess!


Softshell crabs are here, and it seems early (like the strawberry season), but I'm going to ignore evidence of global warming and GO WITH IT. Call ahead to Yellow Umbrella to make sure they have some in stock, and then go get 'em!


Happy birthday to 821 Cafe, which has been cranking out affordable vegetarian- and vegan-friendly food now for 13 years! Follow the crü at 821 so you can learn all about Kate's Plates and other essentials, such as 821's BRAND NEW VERY CHILL OUTDOOR SPACE.

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