Visiting Pizza: Pizzeria LaFerrera pops up at Dinamo on June 4th

If pizza is a flat circle, then we're destined to repeat every pizza we've ever eaten. And, you know what, I'm ok with that because on June 4th, I'll be eating pizza at Dinamo when Pizzeria LaFerrera pops up for one night only to share their pizza dreams with their RVA friends, of which there are many.

Jason LaFerrera and Molly Baker, the husband and wife team behind Pizzeria LaFerrera, met through mutual friends, one of whom was Dinamo owner Mya Anitai. "In a past life I used to be a recording engineer, and I recorded all the VCR stuff, however long ago that was. Mya and I hit it off immediately and have been friends since," explains Jason. "We worked together at Mamma Zu for a while under Ed's tutelage before I moved to Morocco. Molly lived down the street from Mya on Cherry Street, so they also know each other from VCU days as well."

This will be the second pop-up for PLF, who popped up at The Meat Hook in Brooklyn last May. "Our friend Ben (a partner at the Meathook, and another fellow Virginian) helped us figure out all the logistics and worked the line with us, which was crucial since Molly and I are computer people who aren't used to operating at that sort of scale," says Jason. "We knew if we wanted to do it again we needed someone in the restaurant industry to help us out." Enter Dinamo.

For Pizzeria LaFerrera's big night at Dinamo, they'll be offering two appetizers, a taste of four pizzas, and a dessert for $35 per person. Drinks, including a negroni aged in a Tuthilltown Whiskey barrel, sold separately. They'll be doing two seatings, one at 5:30 and one at 8:00, so if you're a two-dinners kind of person like me and this kid, raise your hands in praise.

The menu is filled with surprises and nods to friends near and far: "We're going to do a fun take on a Caesar salad with some salt cured egg yolks and [a] Roasted Beets and Ricotta appetizer using Twenty Paces' awesome goat/sheep milk ricotta," says LaFerrera. "We'll be making a classic New York red pie inspired by some of our favorite pizzerias up here, a Mexican style pizza called Torta Recall with some chorizo from Stock Provisions, a lighter goat cheese and arugula pizza, and a riff on a Croque Monsieur with some ham from our New York pals The Meathook."

You're going to want to save room for dessert, which will be an original take on the classic Argentine drink of Fernet and Coke--a Fernet Blanca gelato gilded with a Coke reduction. LaFerrera says his experiments with this dish have been "out of the park."

And when I said 'epic,' I meant it. There will be a PHHHOTO booth to help chronicle the vibes, plus merch because, as LaFerrera jokes, "we treat Pizzeria LaFerrera like an indie rock band." Big Secret's Jason Lefton, another longtime friend of the LaFerrera's, has created custom bad-ass takeout boxes to commemorate the occasion. They're gorgeous, and you're going to want to put them on your wall, so don't get them all greasy with your pizzafingers.

Tickets go on sale early next week. Stay tuned to Dinamo's Instagram for more, and follow Jason on Instagram if you welcome feelings of FOMOOP (Fear Of Missing Out On Pizza) in your feed.