RVA Hospitality Group

photo: Style Weekly

photo: Style Weekly

We’ve known Liz Kincaid (right) since our nonprofit days. We’ve always admired Liz’s entrepreneurial spirit and strong work ethic. Over the years, Liz rose through the ranks at Tarrant’s Cafe, eventually becoming a co-owner of the restaurant group that operates the popular downtown restaurant. Now, Liz and partner Frances Santarella co-own five restaurants: Tarrant’s Cafe, Tarrant’s West, Max’s On Broad, Little Saint, and Bar Solita. We were excited to dive in to these unique concepts and introduce marketing initiatives across the entire restaurant group to help these two inspiring women get more bang for their marketing buck.

Here’s how we help Frances and Liz stay on top of it all

  • Creation of a 6-month marketing plan for Richmond Restaurant Group, as well as sub-plans for each location

  • Press outreach, including hosting a press preview event on the opening of Bar Solita, and creating and sending press releases on the group’s behalf

  • Copywriting

  • Consulting on branding services and web design and recommendations for photography